New Holiday Swag

Mad Anthony's Cafe Skull & Colored Pepper Flex Fit Hat
Mad Anthony Skull & Colored Pepper Hat

The holidays are quickly approaching and to help you celebrate, we’ve got a bunch of new items in the Shop!

First up, we’ve got a new hat: a colorized version of our popular Skull & Peppers FlexFit hat! The new design features red and green peppers below the skull and wings. Hot stuff! It’s available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

The Foot Throwback Giftpack
The Foot Throwback Giftpack

We’ve also got a handful of new Holiday Giftpacks including The Foot Throwback Giftpack, the Threefer Giftpack, the Deluxe Giftpack, and the Super Duper Deluxe Giftpack! Each one is different and full of all kinds of cool goodies. The perfect gift for under the Christmas Tree!

Next, we’ve restocked our supply of autographed sauces – they’ve been sold out for a while now, but Mad Anthony sat down in the warehouse the other day and signed up a few dozen of every flavor! Hot Sauce and Extra Hot BBQ are currently available and Mustard, XXX and Regular BBQ will be added to the shop soon. We’ve also got a handful of signed and numbered flavors available too. Check it!

Finally, we’re working on a few more items that we hope to announce in the next week or two. Stay tuned!